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Milk White Throat are an alternative progressive rock band from Brighton, UK.
The three-piece consists of Tom (guitars), Guillaume (drums), and Brian (bass/vocals), and draws influences from a wide range of artists and styles. Comparisons have been drawn between bands such as Deftones, Thrice and the band members are quite content with blurring the lines between a number of genres.

Like most aspiring musicians, the band met through the local live music scene in Brighton, playing shows together whilst studying music and performing in different groups in the late 2000s.

The name Milk White Throat, taken from a line in the Nick Cave song, ‘Black Hair’, was settled upon in 2010 and prefaced the release of the group’s successful self titled EP.
As keen DIYers, the self produced album ‘Death of Beauty’ was written and assembled between the years of 2011 and 2014 during which time there were some lineup changes with the band reducing in size from six members to four.

In 2016, just 6 months after releasing the single and video ‘Under Duress’, the band deal with another lineup change, going from four members to the current iteration of the band.

Not to be deterred, the trio started working on new music with some changes to the band’s overall sound, resulting in the EP, ‘House of Fire’.
Recorded by Chris Edkins at Middle Farm studios and released in 2018, HoF showcased a more mature and focused version of the band. Where UD was aiming to be more accessible and catchy, HoF aimed to be a more absorbing and challenging listen with stronger songwriting and more solid production than the previous works had achieved before.

HoF was met with good reception and a number of positive reviews, the attention from which led to a string of successful shows around the south of England, including local support for Rosetta and a support slot for WHORES at London’s famous Underworld venue.

Following the release of HoF, the group set to work on another collection of songs.
Now in 2020, Milk White Throat have been gearing up to present their latest EP entitled ‘Hierarchy’ released 18th September 2020, preceeded by debut single and video ‘Sleepless’ released 28th August, and latest video 'Closed Eyes' on November 23rd.

Produced by Mark Roberts (Black Peaks, Toska, Broker, Physics House Band) across two of Brighton’s most popular studios and featuring three tracks each with a distinct theme and tonality, ‘Hierarchy’ and ‘Sleepless’ are another step forward for Milk White Throat.
Stay tuned for news on tour dates and releases coming soon.




Milk White Throat


Death of Beauty


House of Fire




"Bleak and abrasive, the turbulence of the music of Milk White Throat promises to grab you by the neck"

"This three track EP is a great release from the band, with three bangers combining to create a masterpiece"


"Hierarchy" is a thrilling, powerful and yet emotional release"

"Milk White Throat delivers melodic and punchy track to the table!"

Loud Enough Magazine
"We like a bit of proggy hard rock here at LE HQ.  And this new release from Brighton's Milk White Throat certainly hits the spot."
"Sleepless is proof that a band doesn’t need an entourage to maintain their edge. The guys are capable of brutality in multiple time-signatures with three as they were with six."

"There won’t be any sleeplessness with this straight-ahead rock piece!"

"Heirarchy rounds out this stunningly amazing collection... that will certainly impress old and new fans alike."
"With a sound evocative of Deftones, the track provides muscular drums and guitars which rocket mixed with emotive and plaintive vocals to give you the best of modern rock now."
Sleepless is "an exciting taster from their new upcoming EP Hierarchy"
"If you like overblown epic metal then Milk White Throat and this Ep are for you"

Happy Metal Geek

"Overall an excellent EP from Milk White Throat that is tight fully controlled and incredibly well delivered. it is grooved up to the heights. Definitely one for the collection"

Stoner King

"Skill and quality are not commodities you can easily fake and Milk White Throat demonstrate, over the course of the three songs that make up "House on Fire", that they have both in abundance."



25 May - The Green Door Store, Brighton - w/ Rosetta
8 August - The Green Door Store, Brighton - w/ Time The Valuator
10 October - The Underworld Camden, London - w/ Whores
30 October - The Pipeline, Brighton


Prince Albert, Brighton - w/ Porshyne


Concorde 2, Brighton - w/ Dillinger Escape Plan

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